Eiskopf is your partner in order to make your technology and processes more precise and efficient.

We are working with all customers in three Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

Our main customers today are in medical and electronic industry, in laboratory environments, in educational institutions and scientific research centres.

We are leaders in innovation in the prototyping and manufacturing industry where are important short set-up times, low energy consumption, high flexibility and ultra-precise performance.

Eiskopf is dedicated supplier of

a PCB prototyping equipment and laser equipment for stress-free depaneling, drilling, and engraving of rigid PCBs, FPCBs and coverlays. Our SMT stencils laser cutting devices are well-known worldwide. Our over 10-years experience as official distributor of LPKF Laser & Electronics helps us to find most suitable solution to our customers. We provide expert training and support as well as comprehensive after-sales service. Our policy is to sell high-quality products and take a full care of our customers.

We are also very strong with devices of precision fluid dispensing systems & equipment, in hand soldering and soldering rework, UV-adhesives, UV-curing systems, microscopes and laboratory workstations & technical training systems.

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