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New Nordson EFD Performus III dispenser with 210€ discount

This is our special offer to Nordson EFD Performus III hand dispenser with 30/55 barrel connection and 40pcs of 30cc barrels w/pistons with net price 890,00 Euro including discount (VAT&shipping excl.)

Shipment contains:

1pcs of 7012332 Performus III with Footswitch, Barrel Stand and Power Supply Unit

1pcs of 7012338 blue adapter w/ca 0.9m hose for 30/55cc barrels (or similar) 

2pcs of 7012136 20pcs box of 30cc clear barrels with white pistons (or similar).


Please see the product details below. For further information, feel free contacting us: 




The Performus III is for applications that require a timed shot and vacuum control.

The Performus III features a 0-7 bar (0-100 psi) pressure regulator that handles all fluids.

Nordson EFD’s Performus III dispenser increase throughput, improve yields, and reduce production costs through controlled application of adhesives, lubricants and other assembly fluids.

Eight different dispenser configurations provide a cost-effective way to select the exact features needed to improve your specific fluid application process.






Cabinet Dimensions: 183 mm x 86 mm x 51 mm

Weight: 1 Kg 

Input AC (to power supply): Universal Multi Voltage 100-240 VAC~ – 50/60 Hz

Output DC (from power supply): 24 VDC – 0.83 Amp maximum

Power Requirements: 24 VDC – 0.83 Amp maximum

DC Input Power Required: 8W-20W

Internal Voltage: 24 VDC

Footswitch Voltage: 24 VDC

Footswitch Current: 20mA

Cycle Initiate: Foot Pedal, Finger Switch

Maximum Cycle Rate: 600 cycles per minute

Air Input Requirements: 7 bar (100 psi) maximum

Air Output: 0-7 bar (0-100 psi), dependent on user setting

Ambient Operating Conditions:

Temperature: 5°C to 45°C (41°F-113°F)

Humidity: 85% RH at 30°C non-condensing

Height above sea level: 2000 meters maximum (6562 feet)

Approvals: CE RoHS, WEEE & China RoHS Compliant



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